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Giới Thiệu was born with a mission to help 1 million Vietnamese men succeed with women. Specifically: Mastery in conquering and Excellent in maintaining his great relationship.

Well, if we only counted the number of readers, we would have completed this milestone from the first year of development. Because the number of readers in 1 month of the website alone has reached more than 200,000 people. And up to the present time (2021), has turned 8 years old.


We mean real help. With the most quintessential and selective knowledge from the books and courses is distributing. As well as future coaching and coaching services. We want to see your real smile, contentment, and happiness when you’re with the girls you want.

That is the real mission of

Who is the guy behind
Hi bro! I’m Lai H., the founder of Nice to meet you here.

Here is some information about me personally:


I am a person who came up from nothing with an extremely average starting point.
I was born in a family where my parents were civil servants, with a salary of 3 piles and 3 dong, and had to work very hard to support my brothers and sisters to go to school.
I have a bad past like any other bad guy you know. I was giddy, kicked out of college. I was in debt, loan sharks, and had a long period of drug addiction.
But after that bad time. Now I am the reverse of my younger self. I choose for myself a healthy, healthy lifestyle. I exercise, read books, think positively. Currently, in addition to, I also run a few businesses in other fields. As well as contributing capital and investing in things that bring profits to you. Now, I’ve been in my 30s for many years, still as young and strong as a 20- or 21-year-old, right?
So why have
Probably by chance. After graduating from college (2nd university), I gathered a team of freelancers to run website content for foreigners. Then because I used to work for internet companies in Vietnam. After that time, I realized an endless passion for website development. But also because no unit can fully exploit the skills they have. So I went out on my own and did it on my own.

So why the field of conquest and dating? Maybe it’s because of the life experience that I have. At the time of development, I didn’t think of myself as an expert or anything, but I think my perspective is different. It’s because when I was a young man addicted to drugs, I had time to live with 5-6 girls in a house. I ate the same tray, breathed the same air, listened to all the things they said, understood all the thoughts that women need… for more than 2 years.

Because I know everything about women. So at that time, many of my friends kept touching this issue and asked, asked questions, wanted to be consulted by me. Even demanded to pay me to show how to help them conquer and flirt.

That was the initial humble foundation for me to grow on. And for the next 8 years, wow guess what. When I was growing up, I thought I knew a lot. But the more I learn and experience, the more I realize that what I knew then about women was really small.

And I continue this journey to this day. 40 years old, 50 years old, 60 years old? No, I am determined to dedicate myself to this work throughout my life. The knowledge that I have yesterday, today, in the future. All will be dedicated to their communities.

Hopefully through this introduction, you have understood a little more about myself as well as If you want to know more about Lai H. and, you can follow some channels.